Proso Millet (Variga) (Baragu) (Chena) (Pani Varagu) - Chirukaanuka

Proso Millet (Variga) - 1Kg (Baragu) (Chena) (Pani Varagu)

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About Proso Millet:

An easy to cook variety of millet, Proso Millet is a nutritious grain. Use it as a hassle free substitute for your everyday rice and watch the health benefits pour in! Cook proso millet as is to go with your curries and veggies, make pulavs and fragrant biryanis that have an extra dose of health. 

Names for Prose millet in other languages spoken in the countries where it is cultivated include:

  • Telugu: Variga
  • Kannada: Baragu
  • Hindi: Chena
  • Tamil: Pani Varagu

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