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The Secret of Nagas - Naga Rahasyam (Telugu) Paperback – 2013

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The Secret of Nagas, available in paperback, is the sequel of The Immortals of Meluha. The book talks about how Shiva uncovers some deep secrets about the Meluhan empire, where the royalty is addicted to the miracle drug, for which they even go to the extent of committing a murder, or fighting a war.

In the first book, Shiva is portrayed as a Tibetan warrior who comes to be treated as Neelkanth by the Meluhans. They believe he is the one to to save them from the crisis situation. The suryavanshis are being attacked by the Chandravanshis along with the Nagas. Shiva agrees to lead their army. Meanwhile, he falls in love with the Meluhan princess, Sati and they get married.

The Secret of Nagas continues at the point where Shiva is observing the Naga who's stalking Sati. He tries to get hold of the Naga unsuccessfully, but finds some coins that belonged to the Naga. Shiva recognizes them to be from the land of the Brangas. He sets off to Kashi with Sati and some people to meet the Branga community which resides there.

The Secret of Nagas was published in 2013 and talks about Shiva's journey throughout India to find the truth and solve the countless mysteries lying around.

Key Features

  • This is the second book in the Shiva Trilogy.
  • It has sold more than 95,000 copies in the first month, out of which 80,000 copies were pre-ordered.
  • Author: Amish Tripathi
  • Publisher: BSC Publishers & Distributors (2013)
  • Language: Telugu



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Naku e book dorakadam Ledu anni ammudupoyaie, evarina naku E- book leda paper back no 8121796155


This is one of the best books in telugu and thank you chirukaanuka for providing good services

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