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Hello, and welcome to our website! The name ‘Chirukaanuka’ (purely a Telugu word) means ‘lovely gift’ which expresses the emotion and affection towards the loved one. Chirukaanuka was established with family values that provide the basis for which our company is proud to serve our customers.

We are an independent telugu bookseller serving India, since 2010. Through Chirukaanuka.com and our expansive online community, we also reach telugu readers around the world, people who are as excited about books as we are.

We are grounded by our company's core values, which have guided us through the ups and downs of the bookselling industry. 


Our mission is to be the world's best destination for telugu readers, a place that fosters a culture of reading and connects people with the books they'll love.


You will find that Chirukaanuka books are the best way to express a token of gratitude, love, happiness, friendship and affection towards loved one by gifting a book.

Enjoy Gifting!

Enjoy Reading!


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