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Hello, and welcome to our website! The name ‘Chirukaanuka’ (purely a Telugu word) means ‘lovely gift’ which expresses the emotion and affection towards the loved one. Chirukaanuka was established with family values that provide the basis for which our company is proud to serve our customers. Our goal is to offer the convenience of finding that perfect gift. We understand that in today’s busy world, finding time to buy the perfect gift, wrap it and then send it can seem overwhelmingly impossible. This is why we are committed to taking the stress out of gift giving and accommodate each customer with the perfect gift for impeccable prices. Let us take the anxiety out of gift giving and allow you to send a gift from the heart.

Our vision is to provide special hand picked gifts that express fondness and friendship. We want everyone to experience the warmth and kindness that is felt with a soft cuddly stuffed toys; a feeling that is distinct from all other gifts except that of a hug.

Our goal is to bring compassionate mementos back in style! We create gifts that will save your time without sacrificing quality or charm. Chirukaanuka is specialised in offering well-constructed stuffed bears and creative teddy bear gift packages, a loving forget me not. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and we have put our thoughts and ideas into each and every design.

You will find that Chirukaanuka gifts are the best way to express a token of gratitude, love, happiness, friendship and affection to soft toys collectors alike!

Enjoy Shopping!

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