Vennello Aadapilla (Telugu) Paperback – 2011

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Vennello Aadapilla is written by Yandamoori Veerendranath. This is a romantic novel written in Telugu which contains drama, knowledge, information, suspense and more. Based on this novel, a serial was also made, for which the author received the Nandi award for the Best Director.

This novel is a read that is apt for those who search for romance, knowledge and a convincing story line. The characters depicted in this novel are strong and beautiful, thus making this book more interesting to read.

Vennello Aadapilla revolves around a chess player and a telephonic conversation. The novel starts with a young chess player, Revanth, who went to Russia for participating in World Championships. Interestingly, Revanth won the world championship and became champion.

He got a call from an unknown girl who congratulates him. She likes him very much and follows him. During the conversation, she challenged him to identify her name and address. in return, he also started liking her and found out the first part of her name. This books contains several puzzles and riddles that the reader can solve to keep himself/herself engaged.

This books also explains the hard work, dedication and determination shown by the chess player, which encourages young readers in achieving their goals. There are other characters in this book such as James and Sulochana, which gives a good storyline, theme and strength to this novel.

Vennello Aadapilla was published by Nava Sahithi Book House in 2011 and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • This book has sold more than 50,000 copies and has been reprinted 30 times.
  • Based on this novel, a serial was also made.
  • A book which contains romance, love, knowledge, puzzles, riddles and more interesting features.

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Very good novel, worth reading

Very good novel, worth reading


Thank you Yandamoori sir for the great writing and thanks for publishers to bring it among us. Keep writing and keep publishing books. Thank you Chirukaanuka too.

Tarun singh

This is one of the best books in telugu and thank you chirukaanuka for providing good services

bhanu prakash

The best website for telugu books, and on time delivery and good printing quality


The best website for telugu books, and on time delivery and good printing quality

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