Get Immortalized your Personality with Ancient Truths (English)

Get Immortalized your Personality with Ancient Truths (English)

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This book is written about some findings for life after author get enlightenment.Author elaborates some basics about Gods presence in cosmic energy, with its relationship in human aura, and mysterious fifth force as subtle polarity in between every molecules of universe. An innovation is explained in this book which realize everyone about god's existence, and god's language.Every reader may find out purpose of his life and explore self‐unique personality.Author found development of awareness, uniqueness and personality of youths in smart village community is first step for entrepreneur start‐ups. He elaborated all truth of life in this book which also provide code of conduct for all community members of new world.

  • Author: J.L Premchandra
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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