Shivagami Kadha Bahubali Bhagam-1 (Telugu)

Shivagami Kadha Bahubali Bhagam-1 (Telugu)

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When five-year-old Sivagami witnesses her father being branded a traitor and executed by the maharaja of Mahishmathi, she vows to one day destroy the kingdom. At seventeen, she recovers a manuscript from her crumbling ancestral mansion. Written in a strange language called Paisachi, the manuscript contains a secret that may redeem her father or condemn him further.

Meanwhile, Kattappa, a proud and idealistic young slave who blindly believes in his duty, finds himself in the service of a spoilt prince. Alongside, he must try and keep his brother, who resents their social position and yearns for freedom, out of trouble.

  • Author: Neelakantan Anand
  • Publisher: Westland
  • Language: English

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