The Mirror And The Light (English)

The Mirror And The Light (English)

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The long-awaited sequel to wolf hall and bring up the bodies, the stunning conclusion to Hilary mantel’s man Booker Prize-winning wolf hall trilogy. ‘If you cannot speak truth at a beheading, when can you speak it?’ England, may 1536. Anne Boleyn is dead, decapitated in the space of a heartbeat by a hired French executioner. As her remains are bundled into oblivion, Thomas Cromwell breakfasts with the victors.The blacksmith’s son from putney emerges from the spring’s bloodbath to continue his climb to power and wealth, while his formidable master, Henry VIII, settles to short-lived happiness with his third queen, Jane Seymour. Cromwell is a man with only his wits to rely on; he has no great family to back him, no private Army. Despite rebellion at home, traitors plotting abroad and the threat of invasion testing br>Henry’s regime to breaking point, cromwell’s robust imagination sees a new country in the mirror of the future. But can a nation, or a person, shed the past like a skin? Do the dead continually unbury themselves? What will you do

  • Author: Hilary Mantel
  • Publisher: Fourth Estate
  • Language: English

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