A Hand Book on Frauds: All You Want to Know About Frauds (English)

A Hand Book on Frauds: All You Want to Know About Frauds (English)

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In the present day with the development of Technology and use of Internet, Cloud technology, Social media outburst, Frauds and Crimes have climbed to new heights and the fraudster is always one step ahead of the fraud examiners and thus it is a big challenge to stop fraud before it is committed.This book attempts to identify, the meaning of fraud, evolution of frauds and crimes, the various types of frauds, the Psychology of the persons committing the frauds and the detection and prevention of the frauds, red flags or warning signals and finally reporting of frauds, for suitable action by the courts of law. The book attempts to bring the evolution of frauds dating back to 1700s. Fraud is not a new concept of the present century but dates to 300 years or more. An attempt is also made to highlight some of the Crimes that were committed for the sake of Money.

  • Author: Kolluru N Rao
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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