Autobiography of a Sadhu (English) Paperback – 2016

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Enter the Extraordinary World. Journey with Baba Rampuri in this unprecedented account of India's oldest and most secretive order of yogis among whom he has spent his lifetime. Get teachings and secrets he receives from the ancient gurus of the Sanatan Dharma.
Meet the many saints and sages encountered during his youthful search throughout India; Naga Babas, whose sacred lineages & oral traditions feed the wellspring of Indian culture. Discover the potential for transformation in spiritual practice, quest for identity through the stories, symbols and rituals that form the basis of Hindu culture.
At Kumbh Mela 1971, on the banks of the Ganga, he becomes the first foreigner initiated into the arcane and sometimes dangerous world of Naga Babas. He is drawn deep inside a mystical world he never knew existed.
Few of us would have the stamina or the faith to follow a guru who has renounced everything including clothing and who speaks the language of the birds. Rampuri's openness to possibilities and willingness to be taught allow him to experience mysterious and magical events for himself. In his captivating autobiography, he draws back the veil and lets less dedicated readers peek into aspects of traditional Hindu culture that few outsiders have ever seen. He takes us where few have ever ventured, to a forbidden world of ancient that will challenge, entertain, and perhaps enlighten you.
Stories of Hanuman and Shiva pervade the spiritual journey. Babas appear innocuously crazy, wise beyond measure, or both. Rampuri flows with all these things and extraordinary personalities with a sense of self-effacing humor yet insightful commentary.
This profoundly inspiring story of one man's spiritual transformation is a must-read for any serious seeker.
Baba Rampuri is an authority on Naga Babas and member of Juna Akhara for 47 years with title of Shri Mahant.
18 pages color photos of renowned Naga Babas from over the last half century.

  • Author: Baba Rampuri
  • Publisher: Amarpuri Wellness; First Indian edition edition (2016)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 275 pages


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