Baby Touch: Peekaboo Board Book - 2009

Baby Touch: Peekaboo Board Book - 2009

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This is an interactive playbook for babies and toddlers who are slowly getting familiar with books. Featuring bright and bold illustrations, the book is perfect for little ones to enjoy and learn new things. To make it easier to turn pages without hurting babies, it comes in different soft textures along with large flaps.

The flaps are sturdy yet flexible so that even if a toddler sits or tries to tear them apart, no damage will be done to the book. In fact, babies can actually play with these animated flaps. Using this book, parents will find it easier to engage their kids to read while playing.

From pictures of animals to helicopter, tractor and caterpillar, the book helps babies to learn about different things around them. Although it is a fun playbook, the publisher has arranged whimsical illustrations in a systematic manner.

Apart from this version, the book is also available in different titles such as Hello! Buggy Book; Snuggle Cloth Book; Peekaboo; Peepo Teddy!; Squeaky Book; Twinkle Lullaby; Baby Touch Farm; Baby Touch Numbers; and many more.

About the Author

A London based publisher, with one team in Nottingham, Ladybird began its journey in the world of books way back in 1867. The first milestone on the way was a bookshop in Leicester, England. Few years down the line, Ladybird began producing printed books and gained fame all over Europe for its quality books. Till date, the  publishing house continues to publish a wide range of titles.

  • Board book: 12 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin UK (2 January 2009)
  • Language: English

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