Bail Or Jail (English)

Bail Or Jail (English)

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This book on BAIL OR JAIL setting forth a flash-light of critical thinking for every Magistrate, Judge and Lawyer who should be fully equipped with knowledge of Bail Proceedings and its relevant Stages since, Ignorance of above circumstances can cause Miscarriage of Justice.It is not the purpose of the Criminal Law to confine a person accused of an alleged offence before his conviction instead off it is intended to combine the administration of justice with the liberty and convenience of the person accused.To free on conditions of Bail rather to confine in Jail is a jurisprudential jurisdiction which has been evolved in view of the fact that Administration of Justice on the spot or immediately just after the commission of the alleged offence in accordance with the rudimentary principles of an advanced Legal System in not feasible. The question, whether the alleged accused should be kept in prison or should be kept free till pending of trial, therefore, through such Application of Bail before the Court calls for assistance of Magistrates and Judges for consideration on merit in view of impending and prevailing circumstances protecting the Fundamental and Constitutional Rights of the individual accused of and uphold belief and peace in the Society where Courts also act as ultimate Guardian of their Fundamental and Constitutional Rights.It is an inability of existing judicial machinery to try accused expeditiously.

  • Author: Naveen Rao
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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