Barnyard Millet - 1Kg (Udalu) (Oodhalu) (Sanwa) (Kuthiravali)

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About Barnyard Millets:

Barnyard Millet or Samvat ke Chawal or Vrat ke Chawal is from Richmillet. It is eaten after fasting as its name suggests. Barnyard Millets are a healthy alternative to cereal grains like rice. These tiny round pale grains are wealthy in fiber, calcium and phosphorus. When compared to wheat or maize Barnyard Millets are six times more fibrous and healthier. They have almost equal protein quantity as Wheat or Maize. Lowest in carbohydrates when compared to other millets, Barnyard Millets are a good source of vitamins especially B complex. Barnyard Millets are a medically recommended food for all types of coeliac patients and patients with gluten intolerance. Also known as Sama ke Chawal.

Names for foxtail millet in other languages spoken in the countries where it is cultivated include:

  • Bengali: Shyama 
  • Kannada: Oodhalu
  • Telugu: Udalu
  • Hindi: Sanwa, Jhangora
  • Tamil: Kuthiraivali
  • Malayalam: Kavadapullu 

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