Be a Cyber Warrior: Beware of Cyber Crimes (English)

Be a Cyber Warrior: Beware of Cyber Crimes (English)

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Every nation needs a warrior to protect from enemies; in this growing digital era, criminals are updating with technology to make more Cybercrimes, then who will protect us? This book helps you to become a cyber warrior to combat in this cyberspace; you can protect yourself and others from Cybercriminals by implementing a few security policies and procedures.
The author took his first initiative to make awareness to the public about cybersecurity; and this book is written by considering basic to advanced users, so that everyone can understand and implement the concepts. This book contains on-going cyber threats, how cybercrimes take place, and how you can defend from them. There are many books and videos which can teach how to hack, but there are only few of them that can teach how to defend from those attacks. This book is going to be one among them to educate people about online-safety.

  • Author: A. Gopala Krishna
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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