Bonsai (English) - 2017 - Chirukaanuka

Bonsai (English) - 2017

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Dr.Manga Devi’s love for plants is evident in her vast collection of rare plants, variety of cacti and cultivation of Bonsai plants – giant trees in full bloom, with their prop roots, grown just to the length of an arm. Her Bonsai garden is a feast to the eyes.This Book ‘‘BONSAI – The Miniature Trees’’ was originally written and published in Telugu with the title ‘‘Vamana Vrikshalu’’ and the response was so overwhelming that three editions of the book were brought out. This book is like a comprehensive guide for all those who wish to grow gardens on their terraces and balconies in the limited space available in the present day apartment culture.

  • Author: Dr. N. Magadevi
  • Publisher: Emesco Books (Latest Edition)
  • Paperback: 200 pages
  • Language: English

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