Chanakya In You (Telugu) Paperback - 2017 - Chirukaanuka

Chanakya In You (Telugu) Paperback - 2017

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Chanakya in You is the charming, lighthearted and yet profound tale of a man inspired by his grandfather to seek the wisdom of the Arthashastra.

Like many of us in our youth, the young man has no idea what he wants to do with his life. He lives aimlessly from one day to the next - his is only passion is studying the Arthashastra.

When he decides to pursue this passion in all seriousness, it proves to be the turning point of his life! Journey with this modern-day disciple of Chanakya’s age-old wisdom as he applies the Arthashastra principles in every aspect of his life, becoming the richest man in the world and inspiring a whole nation to take up study of Sanskrit and ancient Indian literature for business success.

Interestingly, this book does not have a single character with a name. The story is about you and your journey through life. While you flip through the pages, you may well find yourself walking the hero's path to bring out the Chanakya inside you.

The book can be read by a parent and a young adult, by a business tycoon or an academic scholar with equal ease. It’s a book for the people, a book that makes you think. With short chapters and easy-to-read language, you cannot put down the book till you discover the Chanakya in You!

About the Author

Radhakrishnan Pillai, formally educated in management and consultancy, has an MA in Sanskrit and is a certified explorer of the magic of Chanakya and the Arthashastra. For his contributions in this field, he was honoured with the Sardar Patel International award in 2009. As the Director of SPM Foundation and a part of the University of Mumbai team, he uses the knowledge gained from his adventures to design various leadership programs. He is the founder of a spiritual tourism venture, Atma Darshan, and is also the Founder-Director of the Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership, a leadership academy which trains political leaders and aspirants. After the runaway success of his first book Corporate Chanakya, followed by a second bestseller Chanakya’s 7 Secrets of Leadership, Radhakrishnan Pillai brings Chanakya to life in his business fiction Chanakya in You.

  • Author: Radhakrishna Pillai 
  • Paperback: 248 pages
  • Publisher: Jaico Publishing House; First Edition edition (2017)
  • Language: Telugu

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I really like the way the author narrated his real life experience with a great example from the Kautilya’s Arthashastra in a simple and understandable way for every readers. Its inspired me!

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