Coromandel: A Personal History Of South India (English)

Coromandel: A Personal History Of South India (English)

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Coromandel was the name given by European traders to India's south-eastern seaboard, a corruption of the Tamil Cholamandalam, after the temple-building Chola kings who ruled the southern peninsula for centuries prior to the Islamic invasions. Indian history tends to focus on Northern India, but Coromandel will journey south, exploring the less well-known, often neglected and very different history and identity of the oldest India in the pre-Aryan Dravidian south. Highly acclaimed historian Charles Allen explores the astonishing Buddhist and Jain civilizations that flourished all along India's eastern seaboard before Hinduism became the established religion

  • Author: Alen Charles 
  • Publisher: Abacus
  • Language: English

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