Dear Stranger, I Kow How You Feel (English)

Dear Stranger, I Kow How You Feel (English)

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An entrepreneur by mind and a writer by heart, Ashish Bagrecha is one of India's most popular Instagram poets. He started writing about life and love in high school, with a dream to become an author someday.

In 2018, while fighting depression and anxiety, he decided to post poems and ‘Dear Stranger’ letters about healing on Instagram to help and support everyone else who was going through the same feelings.

A strong believer in the universe and its magic, Ashish holds a master’s degree in marketing and runs an app development agency. He currently resides in Surat and is married to best-selling author Savi Sharma. Together, they dream to inspire millions through their stories and poems.

  • Author: Ashish Bagrecha
  • Publisher: Westland
  • Paperback: 200 Pages
  • Language: English

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