Design of Concrete Structures-II (English)

Design of Concrete Structures-II (English)

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  • Unit 1.

    Elements of Pre-stressed Concrete: Principles and systems, material properties, losses of pre-stress, I.S. specifications, analysis and design of rectangular and T sections for flexure and shear.

    Unit 2.

    Torsion: Analysis and Design of beams for torsion as per codal method. Continuous and Curved Beams: Analysis and Design of continuous beams using coefficients (IS Code), concept of moment redistribution. Analysis and design of beams curved in plan.

    Unit 3.

    Circular Domes: Analysis and design of Circular domes with u.d.l. & concentrated load at crown.

    Water Tanks and Towers: Water Tanks and Water Towers-design of rectangular, circular and Intze type tanks, column brace type staging.

    Unit 4.

    Yield Line Theory: Introduction to Yield line concept, Application of Y.L.T. to slabs with simple support conditions.

    Retaining walls: Analysis and design of Cantilever Retaining Walls: Introduction to counterfort and buttress type retaining walls, their structural behaviour and stability analysis.

    Unit 5.

    Culverts and Bridges: Analysis and Design of super structure of slab culverts and T-bridge for I.R.C. loading.

  • Author: Sunitha Bansal
  • Publisher: Genius Publications (Latest Edition)
  • Language: English

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