Design of Steel Structure I (English)

Design of Steel Structure I (English)

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  • Unit 1.

  • Introduction: Types of steels and their broad specifications.

    Plastic Analysis:Plastic analysis of steel structures, fundamentals, static and mechanism method of analysis, bending of beams of rectangular and I sections beams, shape factor.

    Classification of Cross Sections: As per IS 800-2007 Plastic, compact, semi-compact, slender sections, their characteristics including momentrotation.

    Unit 2.

    Connections: Types of bolts, load transfer mechanism, prying action. Design of bolted and welded connections under axial and eccentric loadings.

    Tension Members: Design strength in gross section yielding, net section rupture and block shear. Design of axially loaded tension members.

    Unit 3.

    Compression Member: Types of buckling. Column buckling curves, Imperfection factor, Buckling curves for different cross sections.

    Design of compression member; Axially loaded compression members including angle section design: single and in pair, built up columns, design of lacings and battens.

    Unit 4.

    Beams: Design of beams: simple and compound sections, main and subsidiary beams and their connections. Laterally supported and unsupported beam design, Web buckling, web crippling, lateral torsional buckling.

    Unit 5.

    Member design under combined forces: Compressive load and uniaxial moment. tension and uniaxial moment.

    Column Bases: Design of column bases, Slab base, gusseted base for axial and eccentric compressive load. Grillage foundation design.

  • Author: Ajay Goyal
  • Publisher: Genius Publications (Latest Edition)
  • Language: English

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