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Learn Hindi Through Telugu - Grammatical Way (Telugu) Paperback - 2012

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India is a vast country of continental size. Despite increasing literacy, English continues to be the link language for want of acceptable language within the country. However, Hindi still remains the language of the masses, spoken by more than half the population and understood by nearly three-fourths. Although Hindi is taught in school syllabi, its purpose is purely academic that hardly serves to promote national unity through ease in conversation. Understanding this need in filling this disjointed gap, V&S Publishers has taken the first fledging step by deciding to bring out a conversational Indian Language series, beginning with Telugu-to-Hindi module, in the name of "sampurna vyakaran sahit. . . . . . . . "

After years of research and hard work and supported by knowledgeable persons of literary taste, we have come out with this unique volume that is significantly different from all the other language learning courses out there. The major difference: this module format also provides the basics of grammar which are absent from all the other titles in the market. These basics of grammar not only provide knowledge base of the language, but also enable an individual to learn the language while speaking it.

  • Author: Sahil Gupta & Kalahasti Gaurinath 
  • Reading level: 16.00+ years
  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: V & S Publishers; Latest Revised Edition edition (13 December 2012)
  • Language: Telugu

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