Learn Traditional Chinese-1 (English)

Learn Traditional Chinese-1 (English)

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"In 1949 when communist take over the Chinese regime they scrap the old pattern of writing system which was having more number of strokes in one character which is very difficult to remember for common people, in order to facilitate the masses to read and write People`s Republic of China adopted a new system of Writing. The new government started a big push to increase literacy. The complex traditional writing was simplified, using fewer strokes for complex characters. Some characters were replaced altogether in order to motivate more people to learn how to write. The official language since then it is Mandarin or called Simplified Chinese. But the Chinese people who are either away from Mainland China or in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau etc are still using traditional Chinese in writing. In printing Malaysia and Singapore is using simplified Chinese. Now in the globalized world language experts are playing key role as translation industries are blooming. Knowing traditional Chinese certainly will be advantage for Chinese Language experts.

  • Author: Vikash Kumar
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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