Life: An Account of Short Stories and Poems (English)

Life: An Account of Short Stories and Poems (English)

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Our world is a story book which contain some great nobel some great stories and some great poems. We live in a world of imagination where's the writer is THE BEST. He is the creator of everything. We are Just a thief. We stolen stories from him. We upgrade them with our thinking power which is also given by him. We inspired and make it a fiction or something. I am also a human and just write these stories based on his. Life is a book that contains some best short stories and poems. These are fictions of reality. Read these stories to know some of someone's life, read these poems for shortens and melodies of life. Read this book for more wisdom. Thank for your sight.
  • Author: Sudip Battacharjya
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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