Life Lessons from India A Woman's Memoir (English)

Life Lessons from India A Woman's Memoir (English)

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Only a woman can find the true meaning of life.
In this thoughtful and illuminating collection of essays, author Hemalatha Gnanasekar recalls the most consequential experiences of her life as a woman in India.
These 16 thought-provoking essays are drawn directly from her own life, but their universal themes will inspire people of all backgrounds to find the deeper meaning in their lives as well.
A chance meeting with a former teacher helped her understand that wrinkles and weight gain are a natural part of life.A Hindu religious ceremony's compelling feats of faith led her towards a greater relationship with God.And an encounter with vagabond gypsies helped her understand the true power of health over materialism.
  • Author: Hemalatha Gnanashekhar
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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