Major Threats to Indian Democracy and A Gandhian Remedy (English)

Major Threats to Indian Democracy and A Gandhian Remedy (English)

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India is proud to be the largest democracy in the world. For more than sixty-five years, we have witnessed the conduct of successful elections, peaceful changes of government at the Centre and in the States, people exercising freedom of expression, movement and religion. At the same time, the Indian democracy has been facing crisis due to corruption, communalism, casteism, criminalization, regionalism, coalition governments, etc. that are prevalent in the Indian politics and hampering the social and economic developments of the country. All these problems are the result of the lack of ethical basis in political life. Indian politics today is devoid of principles values, commitments and ideology.The authors highlighted these problems as major threats to the Indian Democracy and tried to clarify how these problems can be resolved through the Gandhian principles

  • Author: Dr. Kiran Pramod Tiwary
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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