Managerial Economics and Financial Accounting (English)

Managerial Economics and Financial Accounting (English)

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  • It is with a sense of contentment and pleasure to present the first edition of “Managerial Economics & Financial Accounting” for the B. Tech. III / IV Semester students.

    The present exertion in the appearance of this book is an attempt to facilitate the students for understanding in-depth concepts, functioning, composition, and fundamentals of Economics and Finance. We have prepared this book very carefully with the latest modifications made by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota so that the students can complete their curricula with lots of essential things about Economics and Finance that definitely equip them for future challenges as well as their conceptualization about the same.

    The main features of the book are:

    • Self explanatory subject matter
    • New models are incorporated as per the Revised Syllabus
    • Inclusion of updated Accounting Standards
    • Inclusion of large numbers of illustrations so that the students can enhance their managerial decision-making ability
    • Basic concepts are taken on priority with suitable examples and simplified schedules
    • Explanation Boxes that include summary of different concepts are added to help the students get better understanding of the subject.

    We hope this first edition will further enhance the quality teaching of Economics and Finance.

    All valuable suggestions and constructive criticism shall be highly welcomed and gratefully acknowledged for improving and making this book more useful.

  • Author: Dr. Anoop Kumar Atria
  • Publisher: Genius Publications (Latest Edition)
  • Language: English

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