Megaliving: 30 Days to a Perfect Life (Telugu) Paperback – 2010 - Chirukaanuka

Megaliving: 30 Days to a Perfect Life (Telugu) Paperback – 2010

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Now in Telugu, you deserve to have far more vitality, richness and joy in your life -and you can quickly have it. For over 10 years, author Robin Sharma studied the strategies of people who have achieved lasting personal, professional and spiritual success. From leading CEOs, elite athletes and wildly successful entrepreneurs in the West to learned philosophers and wise sages living high in the Himalayan Mountains of the East, he searched for peak performers who had created lives filled with prosperity, passion and peace. This extraordinary book reveals their secrets.

About the Author

Robin Sharma is one of the world's most highly respected leadership experts. He is devoted to the mission of helping organizations develop people who Lead Without a Title so that they win in this period of intense change. His clients include Microsoft, GE, FedEx, IBM, Nike, NASA, Yale University and The Young Presidents Organization. Sharma's books, such as The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari and The Greatness Guide, have topped best-seller lists across the globe and have sold millions of copies in more than seventy languages. They have been embraced by rock stars, royalty and many celebrity CEOs.

Sharma is also the cofounder of, an innovative online support resource that helps U.S. veterans successfully reintegrate into civilian life.

  • Author: Robin Sharma
  • Paperback: 178 pages
  • Publisher: Jaico Publishing House; First edition (25 December 2010)
  • Language: Telugu


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