Promises to Keep (English) Paperback - 2008 - Chirukaanuka

Promises to Keep (English) Paperback - 2008

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Promises To Keep: The Amway Phenomenon and How It Works starts off by telling readers what the firm is all about. The author, Charles Paul Conn, provides answers to tough questions about the firm, that has enabled more than a million individuals move towards their dreams. Amway incorporates a multi-level marketing plan to sell its stunning range of products. After being established in 1959, Amway soon achieved the status of a network marketing firm. Through the course of this book, Conn delves on the firm's stupendous growth.

Conn analyzes the practices followed by leaders in the organisation, which helped them achieve their marketing goals. He also throws light on the reasons for the energy and enthusiasm that has kept the firm growing at a steady rate, even after several decades. He also tackles several misconceptions that have tampered the company's public image. Promises To Keep: The Amway Phenomenon and How It Works delves on the real story behind the Amway phenomenon. From its initial days as a partnership between Jay Van andel and Rich DeVos - two entrepreneurial idealists, to its present standing as a billion-dollar firm, with more than one million independent distributors.

About the Author

Charles Paul Conn is an author. He serves as the president of Lee University, Cleveland. During his time as a psychology faculty in the university, he was awarded for his excellence in teaching, after which he was the chair of the department of behavioural sciences. He then started his career as a freelance writer, having authored or co-authored 20 famous books. Some of Conn's famous works include The Power of Positive Students, Music Makers: A Profile of The Lee Singers and Eckerd: Finding The Right Perspective.

  • Author: Charles Paul Conn
  • Paperback: 168 pages
  • Publisher: Manjul Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.; New edition (30 August 2008)
  • Language: English

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