Quality Management (English)

Quality Management (English)

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Unit 1. Introduction: Objective, scope and outcome of the course
Unit 2. The meaning of Quality and quality improvement dimensions of quality, history of quality methodology, quality control, Quality of design and quality of conformance, Quality policy and objectives, Economics of quality. Modeling process quality: Describing variation, frequency distribution,continuous and discrete, probability distributions, pattern of variation, Inferences about process quality: sampling distributions and estimation of process parameters. Analysis of variance.
Unit 3. Statistical Quality Control: Concept of SQC, Chance and assignable causes of variation, statistical basis of control chart, basic principles, choice of control limits, sample size and sampling frequency, analysis of patterns on control charts. The magnificent seven. Control chart for variables: X-bar and R charts, X-bar and S charts, control chart for individual measurement. Application of variable control charts.
Unit 4. Control chart for attributes: control chart for fraction non conforming P- chart, np-chart, c-chart and u-chart. Demerit systems, choice between attribute and variable control chart. SPC for short production runs. Process capability analysis using histogram and probability plot, capability ratios and concept of six sigma.
Unit 5. Quality Assurance: Concept, advantages, field complaints, quality rating, quality audit.Acceptance Sampling: Fundamental concepts in acceptance sampling, operating characteristics curve. Acceptance sampling plans, single, double and multiple sampling plans, LTPD, AOQL, AOQ. Introduction to Quality systems like ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.
Unit 6. Reliability and Life Testing- Failure models of components, definition of reliability, MTBF, Failure rate, common failure rate curve, types of failure, reliability evaluation in simple cases of exponential failures in series, paralleled and series-parallel device configurations, Redundancy and improvement factors evaluations. Introduction to Availability and Maintainability. Introduction to Taguchi Method of Design of Experiments, Quality loss function

  • Author: Harsh Tanwar
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