Skylinnium: The unknown is only hidden (English)

Skylinnium: The unknown is only hidden (English)

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When Skilaxy Hill discovers the existence of the extraterrestrials on Earth, her life takes a thrilling and adventurous turn. Aliens on Moon, Psychic abilities, Magic, Blue Aliens...Was Everything she had been taught is nothing but a big lie?Skilaxy Hill, born in a typical urban city, is confused as to why she had to be born in a world which is devoid of all things she sees in her her dreams- Aliens, magic, other-worldy landscapes.Her life takes a new turn when she meets Dr. Edward who seems interested in her exceptionally rare plants, and appoints her in his legendary Explore Station.Filled with Suspense, Romance and Thrill, Skylinnium will introduce you to a world hidden behind the veils of this so-called Reality.
  • Author: Upma Singh
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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