Software Testing And Validation (English)

Software Testing And Validation (English)

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Unit I Software Verification and Validation- Introduction, Verification, Method of Verification, Validation, Level of Validation, Principle of testing, context of testing in producing software, White Box testing- Definition, Static testing, Structural testing, Black box testing,

Unit II Integration Testing- Scenario Testing, Defect bash, System and acceptance testing- functional, non-functional testing, Performance testing methodology, tools & Process

Unit III Regression Testing, Internationalization Testing- Introduction, Test Phases of Internationalization testing, Enabling testing, Locale Testing, Language testing, Localization testing, Ad-hoc testing- Overview, Buddy testing, Pair Testing, Exploratory Testing, Iterative testing Agile and Extreme Testing

Unit IV Testing Of Object-oriented systems: Introduction, Primer on object–oriented software, Differences in OO testing.Usability And Accessibility Testing- what is usability testing, approach to usability, when to do usability testing, how to achieve usability, quality factors for usability, accessibility testing, tools for usability,

  • Author: Sheena Kohli
  • Publisher: Genius Publications (Latest Edition)
  • Language: English

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