Spirituality for kids (English)

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Spirituality for kids (English)

This book is an attempt to help remind the children of their connection to the Supreme Power. Every child has the innate ability to know and understand everything by practicing meditation. We as parents can enable our little masters to travel inward by reading out this book.

  • Author: Sirisha Mutnuri
  • Publisher: Nirmala Sarita Printing Press
  • Language: English 
  • Paperback: 16 pages



Customer Reviews

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Bringing spirituality to kids

Introducing kids to the concept of spirituality through a book.

For my 4 year old, this book was absolutely fantastic. This book is of good quality, and since it is written for children, the author/publisher made sure all the corners were rounded. Throughout the book, the concepts are explained in a very simple and understandable manner, with pictures showing what was documented. It piqued my kid's interest to open the book and read it. It was exciting for her to see the pictures and she tried to understand what was written. This is the type of book I have been looking for a long time for my kid. It's a book every kid needs in their library.

Anil Kumar G
Wonderful Book

This is a wonderful book which helps the kids to understand and learn about the process of meditation and Chakras. The author has used very simple language and good pictures to attract the kids

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