The Awakening of True Self (English)

The Awakening of True Self (English)

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It is the story of a Young Adult who goes to abroad to study his Masters after completing his Engineering in India. He is from lower middleclass family living in very small village in Western part of India. This guy came long way to get admission to Masters in one of the best University in Europe.
You will find in the book, the young age feelings, attractions, affections, confusions, dilemmas and ups and downs in life of Young Adult.
Goals, Career, Job, Experience, Learning and an everlasting Love are the ultimate touch points.
This is very interesting story to motivate today's youth on how to find their strengths and decide the Aim of their life and work on to achieve it. How not to give up but remain patient and focused in challenging situations to overcome the hindrances. It is special creation for Young Adult for realizing the true value of their selves.
  • Author: Dinesh Deshmukh
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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