The Death Impossible (English)

The Death Impossible (English)

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Jeeva understands he is not ordinary. He is indeed born with an intense congenital drive to kill a bizarre wily black lord. The drive in fact is running him extremely mad that without killing him or possibly killed in his arms, he could be no normal. But, in order to kill the enemy 'He must be dead still come out alive, he must marry a girl, mingle with her physically, still emerge out virgin.' The prophecy demands even more. On one side were the crazy droves believing him as their saviour and on the other side was the troop of toxic demons wanting to ridicule him, to kill him. Whether Jeeva was able to accomplish the task or failed in the attempt...?
  • Author: Divya Meenakshi Sundaram
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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