The Easel (English) - 2015 - Chirukaanuka

The Easel (English) - 2015

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Colorful bulbs were hanging on to the long tresses of the damsel-trees. Chairs were arranged in an arc and a small dais was put up in front. Dividing themselves into little groups, students were chitchatting on the lawns. That was a festival of life! Ananda Sankaram was not at all interested in attending that function. But, how could he help it? His Professor Gangadhar had threatened that he would put zero against internal assessment for all absentees. So he had to attend the function disinterestedly, out of compulsion, and great unease.

  • Author: RS. Kishna Murthi
  • Publisher: Emesco Books (Latest Edition)
  • Paperback: 184 pages
  • Language: English

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