The Magic of Friendships (English)

The Magic of Friendships (English)

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Do you have numerous friends on social media, but hardly any in real life?
Do you find that your relationships don't last?
These and similar questions have now become the part and parcel of our lives. Today, more than ever, friendship has become more important than any other relationship. The warmth and companionship that a good friend can provide is unmatched and each one of us craves for that special friend to whom we can unburden our heart or seek help from in troubled times. But not all of us are that lucky!
In his book, Shubha Vilas discusses, in a simple and straight-forward manner, what is missing in our friendships today and the various scenarios that prevent people from making and maintaining good friends.

  • Author: Shubha Vilas
  • Publisher: Penguin Ananda
  • Language: English

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