The Musk (A love story) (English)

The Musk (A love story) (English)

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Kuhu loves 'Dev' very much… She loves Dev all through her life… but she does not give her love's consent to Dev… because she wants that her lover accesses to his life-goal without any hurdle. She wants that Dev must reach towards his goal very straight without any deviation… Just because Dev can proceed towards his goal with concentrated mind, Kuhu keeps 'Dev' in her heart quietly without telling him… but the last meeting between 'Kuhu and Dev' breaks the heart of Dev.
Dev leads his life with someone else… Kuhu does not understand that how does Dev forget her?
Dev goes ahead in his life but cannot remove his love from his heart… Dev having seen old stuff of Kuhu experiences a pain for Kuhu after 24 years and reaches to her home town Patna to find her.
Seeing Kuhu in the form of Nun Dev becomes very distracted… The things which are known to him by the Kuhu are confirmed by the old diary of Kuhu… To calm the unrestrained mind, Dev goes to old church to meet Kuhu. Dev is stunned to hear that Kuhu has already gone from this world long ago… He returns to Kuhu's house with very distracted mind. This is confirmed there by her parents too… To fulfil the aspiration of Kuhu's Piyu Milan, Dev confesses that silent relationship of his and Kuhu in front of Kuhu's parents.
  • Author: Mukta Srivastava
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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