The Wild Wisdom Quiz Book (Box Set) (English)

The Wild Wisdom Quiz Book (Box Set) (English)

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Your complete guide to the wisdom of the wild

Ever wondered how much you’re missing out on the world of our furry-scaly-muddy-prickly-slippery-ferny-crawly-feathery friends?
Worry not! For culled from sky and sea, from bedrock and treetop, the best and the bizarrest of the plant and animal kingdoms come together in this definitive box set on the secrets of the wild.
Sumptuously illustrated and compiled from India’s only national-level quiz on wildlife, these volumes are crammed with baffling questions and curious nuggets of trivia that will only leave you asking for more!

  • Author: WWF India
  • Publisher: Penguin Randum House
  • Language: English

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