The Will to Succeed (English)

The Will to Succeed (English)

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ne evening as I was watching the sun sinking beneath the waves of the sea, I thought to myself, 'This same sun has risen and set countless times and, in that period, millions of lives have come to an end. Unless a person records the events and experiences of his days, his life will disappear without trace into the vastness of time and melt into the oblivion of history.'At that moment I decided to fulfil my father's wish and write a book about his life as a businessman, who started the career that he loves so deeply at the age of sixteen and is still practising his profession today. Now in his seventies, he looks back over a long and busy working life in which he has been guided by the highest professional principles and driven by a determination to succeed. In his youth, my father risked his life to undertake long journeys by plane — at that time a recent invention — to Britain and the United States in order to transact his business deals. If he could not find a hotel room there, he sometimes had to sleep on the pavement but he triumphed over all difficulties and obstacles through his faith in God, his confidence in himself, his love of hard work and his burning desire to succeed and excel

  • Author: Salwa Yusuf Al Moayyed
  • Publisher: Provess Publishers
  • Languages: English

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