Theory of Computation (English)

Theory of Computation (English)

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Unit 1. Introduction: Objective, scope and outcome of the course.

Unit 2. Finite Automata & Regular Expression: Basic machine, Finite state machine, Transition graph, Transition matrix, Deterministic and nondeterministic finite automation, Equivalence of DFA and NDFA, Decision properties, minimization of finite automata, Mealy & Moore machines. Alphabet, words, Operations, Regular sets, relationship and conversion between Finite automata and regular expression and vice versa, designing regular expressions, closure properties of regular sets, Pumping lemma and regular sets, Myhill- Nerode theorem , Application of pumping lemma, Power of the languages.

Unit 3. Context Free Grammars (CFG), Derivations and Languages, Relationship between derivation and derivation trees, leftmost and rightmost derivation, sentential forms, parsing and ambiguity, simplification of CFG, normal forms, Greibach and Chomsky Normal form , Problems related to CNF and GNF including membership problem.

Unit 4. Nondeterministic PDA, Definitions, PDA and CFL, CFG for PDA, Deterministic PDA, and Deterministic PDA and Deterministic CFL , The pumping lemma for CFL’s, Closure Properties and Decision properties for CFL, Deciding properties of CFL

  • Author: Manish Raglal Singh
  • Publisher: Genius Publications (Latest Edition)
  • Language: English

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